photo and video services for businesses

The launch of photography and video services for businesses

Recently I keep getting asked to shoot small scale projects for people who are either too busy, or need some decent photos and haven’t the skills themselves, yet they don’t want to pay a high fee for what is a small photographic job.

So this got me thinking and this year I’m launching a smaller, budget priced package for photography and video services for any business who requires high quality photography, from a professionally educated and accredited photographer, but pitched at a affordable price point.

The best part about this package is that you get high quality images without having to struggle yourself.

I’ll be releasing a press release shortly with more specific details, but I’ll give you a bit of the low down now, as to how this could improve or help your business.

So prices begin at £150+VAT for and this includes:-

- A professional photographer, (me)

- All professional portable studio equipment

- Standard editing of best pictures

- Regular video editing of favourite video

(This is generally pitched at clients within a 50 mile radius of a SN4 postcode.)

Normally I’ll arrive and we can have a chat about what kind of media you need, then we can work together to identify some USP’s in your business that you would like to promote and then I’ll get to it.

Images can be created to suit your project, and can be b&w product shots, standard portraits of staff, video interviews with your employees, blog shots, exterior building shots, team photos or simply some reportage images of your business at work.

Previous clients have included:-

-       Illustration and fine art artist, needing images of journals, sketches and creations for blog

-       Home based cooking business, needing some small images for their online webpage

-       Road traffic management company, needing some funky pictures of road signs

-       Stonemasons needing only a few shots of the surface of some limestone they were working with

A lot of the time clients just need high quality photography imagery that is sized correctly for them to use on the web and that is ready to go to press when needed and I think this bundles I’m offering answers that. It also goes further by allowing you creative control on what is being shot, by directing me if necessary, and you get to outsource all the annoying computer bits of the images to me, so all you receive is a great service and great media, ready to go.

If any of the above seems like something you might be interested in, drop me a email or call, I’d be happy to give you some free advice.


I’ve attached some images to show thats its not just buildings that can be photographed!